ThemeWare® Shopping Experiences Import (Plugin)

In this article you will learn everything about the free "ThemeWare® Shopping Experience Import" plugin.

To make it as easy as possible for you to install your theme's Shopping Experience, we have developed a free 1-click import plugin for you.

The extension is based on the Shopware plugin system. This means that it was developed for use in self-hosted shops. Use in the Shopware Cloud is not possible.

Note: For Shopware 6 Cloud users, we recommend the step-by-step instructions in PDF format from our ThemeWare® Utilities.

We recommend using the plugin – if possible – not in productive environments and before the launch of your shop.


You can find the download link for the free "ThemeWare® Shopping Experience Import" plugin via the ThemeWare® Utilities:

Important: Please note that we offer the "ThemeWare® Shopping Experience Import" plugin free of charge and do not provide support for the plugin.


The zip file of the extension must be uploaded via the Shopware administration under "Extensions" (1) => "My extensions" (2) using the "Upload extension" button (3).

Important: Please note that the data is imported when the plugin is activated and may overwrite existing data (previous imports).

Install (4) and then activate (5) the extension.

When the plugin is activated, the available Shopping Experiences and the necessary images are imported.

You can find more information on the manual installation of extensions in the article:

Install extensions manually

Editing the Shopping Experience

If the extension has been successfully installed and activated, you will find the corresponding Shopping Experience(s) in the Shopping Experience management of your shop.

You can find the Shopping Experience management in the Shopware administration under "Content" (1) => "Shopping Experiences" (2).

Important: Duplicate the Shopping Experience template

The first step is to duplicate (3, 4) the corresponding Shopping Experience layout. Then use the duplicate for your customisations.

This ensures that your customised layout is not accidentally uninstalled and is update-proof.

Images & Products

The extension automatically imports the necessary preview images for the corresponding Shopping Experiences when it is activated. You can find the preview images in the media management ("Content" => "Media") in the "CMS Media" folder.

Tip: You also get PSD templates of the preview images with ThemeWare® Utilities Mail.

The ThemeWare® Shopping Experiences contain various product sliders. If you use the demo data from Shopware, the product sliders are automatically filled with products from the demo data. If you are not using the demo data, the product sliders are empty and therefore "unconfigured". In this case, just add products from your shop.

Deactivating and uninstalling

We have decided that the plugin will not delete any data. This means that neither "deactivating" nor "uninstalling" will delete the demo data of the corresponding Shopping Experience.

The images and Shopping Experience layouts will therefore remain in your system even after the plugin has been completely deleted. If you no longer wish to use the images and/or layouts, simply delete them manually. You can delete the images via media management, the Shopping Experience layouts can be found in Shopping Experience management (see above).


As the plugin is free of charge and not available via the Shopware Store, there is currently no automatic update option. Deactivate the plugin when you have set up your Shopping Experience – at the latest before you perform´a Shopware update.

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