Why is ThemeWare® available several times in the Shopware store?

In addition to ThemeWare® for Shopware 5, ThemeWare® has been available for both Shopware 6 Cloud and Shopware 6 (self-hosted) since the release of Shopware 6.

For technical reasons, different extensions (apps/plugins) are necessary for this:

ThemeWare® ... | Customizable Responsive Theme

Our themes named after this pattern are the Shopware 5 versions of ThemeWare®.

ThemeWare® ... Cloud | sales increasing and customizable

We have developed the ThemeWare® Cloud Edition for the Shopware 6 Cloud. It offers almost all functions, countless customisation options as well as our excellent user support. The Cloud Edition is suitable for beginners and start-ups.

ThemeWare® ... Pro | sales increasing and customizable

The ThemeWare® Pro Edition has been developed for Shopware 6 (self-hosted). It offers the full range of features, unlimited customization options (also at template level), regular prioritized updates as well as our excellent user and developer support. The Pro Edition is suitable for beginners as well as professionals and agencies.


Of course there are separate demoshops for our Shopware 5 and Shopware 6 themes. The corresponding demoshops are linked via the product pages of all ThemeWare® themes:

Shopware 6 demoshops

Our Shopware 6 demo shops are located at "demo.themeware.design/themename/en".

Shopware 5 demoshops

The Shopware 5 demoshops are located at "themename.tc-demoshop.de/en".

Further notes

Note: You can find more information about our Shopware 6 editions in the article "ThemeWare® Editions compared".

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