Linking shop pages in the storefront

In order to make a shop page available as a content page in your storefront, the corresponding layout must be assigned to a category page via the Category Management.

In this tutorial you will discover how to create a category page, when needed, and how to assign a shop page layout to it.

Example: In the following we add a "Newsletter" shop page to the "Footer navigation".

Creating a category page

  1. Switch via the main navigation to the "Category management" (1) (2) of your shop ("Catalogues" => "Categories")

  2. Select the desired category in which the shop page should be listed

    • Example: The newsletter should be accessible via the footer navigation

    • Example: We would like to add the "Newsletter" page above the "Revocation notices" page (4)

  3. Name the page (5) and create the page (6)

  4. Now the category page can be edited

  5. Activate the page to be displayed in the storefront (7)

Assigning the layout

  1. Switch to the tab "Layout" (8)

  2. Click onto the button "Assign layout" (9)

  3. Choose the desired layout (10)

  4. Confirm your selection with "Save" (11)

  5. Now the category page can also be "Saved" (12)

Now you have created a category page and assigned a shop page layout to it.

Note: All worth knowing about the topic "footer navigation" will be explained in our introduction in the article Footer-Navigation konfigurieren.


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