Finding ThemeWare®

In this tutorial you will discover how to find ThemeWare® in the Shopware Store.

  1. Open the Shopware Store in your web browser of preference

  2. Switch via the main navigation to the section "Themes" (1)

  3. Enter "ThemeWare" or a specific theme (e.g. "ThemeWare Strong") into the search (2)

    • In case you wish to see all available Themes or the Theme you are looking for does not appear in the "Product Suggestions" (3), click onto the Search Button (4).

    • Once the Theme you are looking for appears in the "Product Suggestions" (3), click onto the corresponding entry (5) and continue with step 6.

  4. Optional: Select the "Shopware 6" filter in the sidebar (6)

  5. Click onto the desired theme (7)

  6. The details page of the ThemeWare® theme will open now

Now you have successfully searched the Shopware Store for ThemeWare® and found a theme.

Tip: All ThemeWare® Themes for Shopware 6 are available in the store using the following link, we have already selected the appropriate filters: ThemeWare® in the Shopware Store

Note: An overview of all ThemeWare® Themes with links to the corresponding demos and the Shopware Store please find here:


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