Resetting the ThemeWare® configuration

In this article you will learn how to reset the ThemeWare® configuration.

Note: This article is intended for professionals and experts. If you are not absolutely sure, we will be happy to support you: ThemeWare® Services at a glance

Unfortunately, Shopware currently does not offer the possibility to reset the theme configuration via the administration. Nor are we aware of a corresponding extension so far.

Important: In the Shopware 6 Cloud there currently is no possibility to reach the configuration via the database!

Backup for safety

Manual editing of the database is suitable for experienced users who are skilled in the use of the database. Seek help in case this doesn't apply to you.

Attention: Make sure to backup your database before you make any changes here!

Manual approach (for experienced users)

Tip: For quick access to the database we like to use the extension Adminer für das Admin from Friends of Shopware.

Resetting the ThemeWare® configuration manually

  1. Open database (e.g. Adminer or phpMyAdmin)

  2. Search table "themes" (1) using the search field

  3. Open the table with "select" (2)

  4. Edit the data set of the desired theme (e.g. "TcinnThemeWareModern") with "edit" (3)

  5. Save the content of the column "config_values" (4) in a *.txt file to perform a "backup" of the current configuration

  6. Empty the content of the column "config_values" and set the column to "NULL" (5)

  7. Save the change of the data set (6)

The change will be loaded into your theme the next time you open the theme configuration.


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