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The ultimate Professional Knowledge

ThemeWare® offers you a start as fast as lightning thanks to its preset configurations, its many Utilities, the video tutorial and the many instructions. This way you are able to implement professional and sales-promoting shops faster than ever.
At the same time, ThemeWare® never sets any boundaries for you. In addition to the most extensive configurations, you will be able to make limitless individualizations at any time.
In the following you will find a summary of the most important articles for experienced users and professionals.

1. Basic knowledge

In the first step you will find some articles that will give you a basic understanding of themes in Shopware 6. Of course, you can also find a lot of helpful information in the Shopware Documentation.

Description of the field types in the theme configuration

In the configuration of the theme you have several field types at your disposal. In this article we will provide you with an overview and explain how to use which field type and what values it may contain.

Determining the ThemeWare® version

With this guide you will be able to find out which ThemeWare® Version is being used by your customer in Shopware 6.

Installing ThemeWare®

In this article you will discover how to update the theme.

Performing a ThemeWare® update

In this article you will discover how to update the theme.

2. Configuration background knowledge

The articles in this section will take it a step further and provide you with background knowledge on the topic of "configuration" and how to deal with the configuration in the database.

ThemeWare® in the database

In this article we will explain where the theme configuration is saved in Shopware 6.

Editing the database with the Adminer

For easy access to the database we recommend the free extension "Adminer for the Admin".

Exporting/importing or backing up/restoring the Theme configuration

By exporting and importing the configuration values, you can save a configuration, restore a saved configuration, transfer configurations between a theme and its derivatives, and transfer theme configurations to another installation.

Resetting the Theme configuration

How to restore a theme to its original state you will get to know in this article.

3. Creating individual themes

In the following you will find articles that show you how to quickly and easily create a professionally designed shop with ThemeWare®.

Combining themes / templates

In this video, Thorsten demonstrates how easily you can use other ThemeWare® themes as templates in order to combine parts of them with each other. This way you can quickly and easily get a customized and professionally designed theme, which exactly fits your wishes.

Using theme variables in the configuration

In this article we will explain how to use theme variables to unify the color scheme of the Storefront and more quickly customize it to your wishes.

Using SCSS functions in the configuration

In the theme configuration, you can use simple SCSS functions in color fields in addition to theme variables. With such functions for example you are able to darken or lighten colors.

ThemeWare® CSS classes for Shopping Experiences

In this article you will find an overview of all additional CSS classes that we provide with ThemeWare® for Shopping Experiences.

Configuring the "Shopping Experience Headers"

In the so-called ThemeWare® "Shopping Experience Header", the header overlays the Shopping Experience on the starting page. In Themes such as ThemeWare® Outdoor, ThemeWare® Exquisite or ThemeWare® Lights, the "Shopping Experience Header" is already preconfigured.

Recreating category Shopping Experiences of the demoshops

In this article you will learn how to recreate the category Shopping Experiences from our Shopware 6 demoshops.

What image sizes should I use with ThemeWare®?

Our popular utilities include all Theme graphics in PSD format for you.

4. Making individual adjustments

In case you have experience with CSS and HTML and would like to further customize the appearance or make adjustments to templates, we have also compiled some extensive articles for you.

Individual customization using CSS

With ThemeWare® you have various possibilities to add your own CSS styling to your shop. More about this please find in this article.

Individual customizations using SCSS

How to make visual adjustments using SCSS please discover in this article.

Individual template customizations (Twig, HTML, SCSS)

In case you wish to customize the appearance of ThemeWare® by means of a template customization, this article enables you to implement this customization in Shopware 6 (Self-hosted).

Embedding Google Fonts or your own fonts locally in a DSGVO-compliant way

This article explains how to integrate your own fonts or a Google Font locally into a Shopware 6 Shop (self-hosted).

5. Really taking off with Bootstrap

Last but not least, we demonstrate how the underlying Bootstrap framework of Shopware 6 gives you even more options for customization.

Optimizing Shopping Experiences with Bootstrap HTML and CSS classes

The Shopware 6 Storefront is based on the Bootstrap framework. Due to our HC Architecture®, ThemeWare® is also completely compatible with Bootstrap. How to use Bootstrap CSS classes and HTML elements for client projects you will discover in these articles.

Responsive Shopping Experiences with Bootstrap

In this tutorial, you'll learn how to create responsive Shopping Experiences using Bootstrap CSS classes.
And now we would like to wish you a lot of fun while rummaging and always great business with ThemeWare®.