Shopping Experiences

In this section you will find important basics about working with Shopping Experiences in Shopware 6.

Shopping Experiences are a core feature of Shopware 6 and replace the Shopping Worlds from Shopware 5. With Shopping Experiences you can create and design content pages like landing pages, shop pages, category pages and product pages.

Note: You can find all the information about ThemeWare® features and extensions for Shopping Experiences in Shopware 6 in the ThemeWare® Manual: Shopping Experiences.


Each Shopping Experience is based on a "layout". There are different layout types (landing page, shop page, category page and product page).

A layout (see CMS layout) consists of one or more sections (1, see CMS section) into which individual blocks (2, see CMS block) are added, which themselves consist of one or more elements (3, see CMS element) such as texts or images.

You can find all Shopping Experiences in the menu item Content => Shopping Experiences in the administration.

Below you can see a layout of type "Landingpage" in the Shopping Experience editor of Shopware 6:

You can configure a background colour and/or a background image for CMS sections as well as for CMS blocks. This already offers you various design options. Even more design options are provided by the corresponding CMS elements from Shopware and ThemeWare® Pro.

With ThemeWare® you get an extensive collection of sales promoting CMS blocks and CMS elements.

Since an element does not have to belong to every block and vice versa, we speak of CMS extensions.

Tip: Before you start editing your Shopping Experiences, we recommend you take a look at the official Shopware documentation: Shopping Experiences


If you want to configure an alternative language in a CMS element, you can simply change the language in the top right corner of the editor of the corresponding Shopping Experience.

Further information

You can find all information about features and extensions of ThemeWare® for Shopping Experiences in Shopware 6 in the ThemeWare® Manual:

You can find more information about the Shopping Experience in Shopware 6 in the Shopware documentation:

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