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HTML code

In this tutorial you will learn how to insert and edit HTML code (for example in Shopping Experience).
In some places within the Shopware administration you will find a "WYSIWYG" editor ( i.e. "What You See Is What You Get"). This is a special form of editor in which the output of content corresponds to what is later displayed on the web.
In this editor you can enter text (1) and format it in a rudimentary way (2). The editor converts your formatting into valid HTML code in the background.
You will find "WYSIWYG" editors in the category and product management and especially when editing CMS elements in the Shopping Experience editor.
If the formatting options provided are not sufficient or if you want to add your own HTML code, you can switch to
HTML mode (3).
HTML mode


The WYSIWYG mode is quite self-explanatory. You can easily enter the text you want and format it in a similar way to Word, for example - without any knowledge of HTML. You can also create lists and tables with just a few clicks.

HTML mode

Shopware has implemented an HTML Sanitizer in version 6.5 that automatically cleans up your code. This means that some formatting or tags may be deleted automatically. You can find more information about this in the article HTML Sanitizer.
Potentially harmful code will be sanitised and removed from the editor automatically.
This message below the editor informs you that the HTML Sanitizer will modify your HTML code.
In our experience, the HTML mode is a little clumsy. If you click on the "Done" button too quickly, the HTML Sanitizer may not have "cleaned up" the code yet and your changes will not be saved and discarded.
It is said that clicking on the
info icon triggers the sanitizer manually, at least this procedure gives the sanitizer some time to work.
Some of your inputs have been sanitised. Please double check your content.
This message appears below the editor when the sanitizer has "cleaned up" your code. Check if your content still fits.
Confirm your changes with the "Done" button.

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