Examining extensions or plugins

In order to check whether an error or problem is caused by a specific extension (plugin or app), please follow the steps below:

Extensions can be examined in 3 steps:

  1. Deactivate extensions (do not uninstall!)

  2. Clear the Shopware cache

  3. Clear the browser cache

Examining extensions

Important: Since you can't predict whether and if so which extension is causing a problem, it's important to deactivate all active extensions once - even if you do have a presumption.

  1. Open the administration of your shop

  2. Deactivate extensions:

    1. Navigate via the main navigation to the Extension Management ("Extensions" => "My extensions" => Tab "Apps")

    2. Deactivate (do not uninstall!) all active extensions here

  3. Clear Shopware cache (not available in the cloud):

    1. Then navigate via the main navigation to the section "Cache & Indixes" ("Settings" => "System")

    2. Click on "Clear caches"

    3. The Shopware cache will now be cleared...

  4. Reload website and browser cache:

    • After that, reload the page where the problem occurred in your web browser with a cache refresh:

      • Windows: CTRL + F5

      • Mac: Command + Shift + R

Does the problem no longer occur?

If the problem does not occur anymore, ThemeWare® is not the cause and there is a problem with an extension (plugin or app).

Tip: If you would like to find out which extension is causing the problem, activate one extension after the other and check the storefront once after each activated extension.In case you have been able to identify an extension as the cause, simply contact the corresponding producer and be sure to tell him what you found out.

Note: The article is part of our guided troubleshooting assistant and explains a specific step in this process.

In order to perform the corresponding steps in the correct order, please use the troubleshooting assistant.

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