Examining Shopware default theme

In order to check whether an error or problem could be related to ThemeWare® at all, it is sufficient to assign the Shopware default theme to your sales channel. Just follow the instructions below:

The Shopware default theme can be examined in 3 steps:

  1. Assign Shopware default theme

  2. Clear Shopware cache

  3. Clear browser cache

Examining Shopware default theme

  1. Open the administration of your shop

  2. Assign the Shopware default theme:

    1. Navigate via the main navigation to your sales channel ("Sales Channels" => "..." => Tab "Theme")

  3. Clear Shopware cache (not available in the cloud):

    1. Navigate via the main navigation to the section "Cache & Indexes" ("Settings" => "System")

    2. Click "Clear caches"

    3. The Shopware cache is being cleared now...

  4. Reload website and browser cache:

    • Then reload the page on which the problem occurred in your web browser with a cache refresh:

      • Windows: CTRL + F5

      • Mac: Command + Shift + R

Does the problem still occur?

In case the problem still occurs – even without ThemeWare® – it is 99.9% likely that ThemeWare® is not the cause and that there is a fundamental problem in Shopware or with an extension (plugin or app).

Next, examine whether a particular extension is causing the error or problem:

Examining extensions or plugins

Tip: In case of doubt, please contact your agency or the Shopware Support and be sure to let them know what you found out.

Note: The article is part of our guided troubleshooting assistant and explains a specific step in this process.

In order to perform the corresponding steps in the correct order, please use the troubleshooting assistant.

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