Uploading ThemeWare®

In this tutorial you will learn how to upload ThemeWare® for Shopware 6.

First of all, we would like to point out that purchased extensions automatically appear in the Extension Management. A manual upload is therefore not necessary.

The manual upload of extensions is possible in two ways:

1) Extension Management

  1. Open the administration of your shop

  2. Switch via the main navigation to the "Extension Management" (1) (2) ("Extensions" => "My Extensions")

  3. Switch to the tab "Themes" (3)

ThemeWare® is now being uploaded.

Tip: Install ThemeWare® next: Installing ThemeWare®


2) FTP

Note: Uploading via FTP is possible, but we recommend using the Shopware Extension Management. When uploading extensions via FTP, it can happen that file permissions get messed up and an extension no longer works or cannot be updated or uninstalled.

Uploading ThemeWare® via FTP

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