Individual customizations

In this section you will find many useful instructions concerning the topic "individual customizations".

Customisations are individual programmings (= individual code) that go beyond the scope of the features and CSS classes provided by ThemeWare®. These include, for example:

  • CSS customisations

    • Writing and/or adding of individual CSS/SCSS code

    • e.g. .my-shop { color: red; }

  • JavaScript customisations

    • Writing and/or adding of individual JavaScript code

    • e.g. <script src="myScript.js">...

    • e.g. function myFunction() { ...

  • Template customisations

    • Writing and/or adding of individual HTML/Twig code

Tip: If you need support with customisations, we will be happy to help you design your shop exactly the way you want it: ThemeWare® Services at a glance

ThemeWare® offers you with the tutorials in this section, the expert configuration or the free customising plugin, ThemeWare® offers you various options for adding your own code to the Storefront. However, this is primarily intended for professionals and experts who know exactly what they are doing, because customised code can cause various problems in the Storefront or open up potential vulnerabilities!

Note: Please note that we cannot offer support for the creation of customisations or custom code or for solving problems with your customisations or custom code.

If you are not absolutely sure, you can request support in creating your desired customisation via the ThemeWare® Service Portal:

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