ThemeWare® update not available

ThemeWare® update released but not available


No ThemeWare® update is available in your administration, although a new version of ThemeWare® is already listed in the Shopware Store or in our Service Portal.

Note: This article only refers to the case that the update option is not displayed in the Extension Management!

If the update does not work via the Extension Management, please refer to the article ThemeWare® cannot be updated.


This "issue" can have various causes:

The lack of an update option for extensions or themes may simply be due to time constraints. It can take a while until an update is available in your system.

Or the subscription for your theme – in the case of a purchased version of ThemeWare® – has expired.

However, it can also be due to an outdated Shopware version. If an extension or theme is not compatible with your Shopware version, you will not receive further updates until you have updated Shopware.

In addition, there are cases where the Shopware account is not or no longer connected to the shop. In this case, the shop no longer receives information about available updates.

Due to the options mentioned above, there is no definite solution but several possible solutions.


  • Wait a few hours. It may take a while for an update to appear in your system.

  • Check if you have a active subscription for your theme and renew it if necessary.

    • Note: Refers to the purchase version of ThemeWare®. The rental version always has a valid subscription.

  • Reconnect your Shopware account

    1. Log out of your Shopware account in the administration ("My extensions" => "Shopware Account").

    2. Clear the Shopware cache

    3. Log out of the administration

    4. Log back into your administration

    5. Now log in your Shopware account in the administration again ("My extensions" => "Shopware Account").

  • Please update your Shopware installation to a more recent or the most recent Shopware version.

Issue not solved?

If you could not solve the problem, simply start the ThemeWare® Debugging. You can open a support ticket in case you are not able to solve the problem yourself:

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