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One of the biggest advantages of ThemeWare® is its continuous development. You regularly receive new features, sales-promoting features, updates, improvements and, of course, fixes.

Tip: Have a regular look at the "News and Announcements" page in our Service Portal to stay informed about news and upcoming changes!

There are several ways to find out which changes you can look forward to in which release:

The ThemeWare® Newsletter

The ThemeWare® Update Newsletter is part of the ThemeWare® Utilities. So you won't miss any more news!

The ThemeWare® Changelog

The ThemeWare® theme changelog can be found on the Shopware store page of your theme in the "Changes" tab:

And also in the "Changelogs" section of the ThemeWare® Service Portal:

Note: We recommend that you update both Shopware and ThemeWare® regularly to ensure that you always receive new features, improvements and fixes.

Perform a complete backup of your shop before updates (especially for significant version changes) and check them in advance in a test system.

Please also note the related previous update articles in the Service Portal.

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