Field types in the theme configuration

In the configuration of the theme in the Theme Management you have different types of fields available. In the following we will provide you with an overview and explain the use of each field type and the values it can contain.

Important: Please make sure that all configuration fields are configured validly! Empty fields are usually not "allowed" (exception: Media Selection).

Incorrectly filled configuration fields can lead to representation errors or prevent the configuration from being saved!

Tip: In the ThemeWare® Config Finder you will always find a suitable example value for each field, which you may use as a reference.

Numeric field (number)

The number field can only contain numbers. The possible numbers may be limited by the field.

Example values: 10, 0, -10, etc.

Note: The value "0" wasn't technically possible in Shopware 6 for a long time, which is why ThemeWare® often uses the value "1" instead. In this case, the "1" is automatically replaced by a "0".

Color selection (color)

You can easily select a colour using the colour picker. Alternatively, you can also enter a hexadecimal color code directly.

Example values: #000000, rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.9)

Note: The value "transparent" is possible as well and is used for some elements for " hiding" instead of "making transparent".

Tip: If you are in any doubt, just use a hex or RGBA value generated by the Shopware colour picker.

Media selection (media)

Use the Media Management (Media Manager) to upload an image (if not already available) and then select it.

Example values: "Medium selected" or "Medium reset".

Note: Due to a Shopware bug, media fields could not be cleared for a while, so for example you will find a dropdown for media fields for background images to activate/deactivate the representation in the storefront.

Select (text + custom-options)

In the select (drop-down selection) you can choose one of the available values.

Example values: -

Text field (text)

An one-line text field, which theoretically allows any content. Here it depends on the context in which the content is used. Often distances or widths are specified here, which additionally require "px" or "%" appended. Sometimes HTML is deposited here as well.

Example values: Text, <html>..</html>, 10px, 50%, etc.

Note: Always refer to the original content. Specifications such as "px" or "%" are not always necessary. For more information on valid values, please read the help text.

Font (fontFamily)

A "Font" configuration field can contain a CSS font-family property. The font entered here must be available to the visitor and either belong to the web-safe fonts (e.g. Times, Times New Roman, Georgia, Helvetica, Arial, Verdana) or be embedded as @font-face in the storefront.

Example values: 'Inter', sans-serif

Note: Multiple fonts are not currently provided in this field. The content must always be a font including fallback font.

Date & Time (datetime)

Here you are able to choose a date and a time

Example values: 2021-01-01 01:00

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