Setting up the shop in the Shopware Account

In this article you will discover how to set up your shop with your Shopware Account.

Licensed extensions are linked to your Shop Domain and your Shopware Account. Therefore, after you have created the account and probably installed your shop, you still need to link the corresponding Shop Domain.


  1. Log in to your Shopware Account

  2. Switch to the "Merchant area". (1)

  3. Click onto "Shops" in the navigation on the left. (2)

  4. A pop-up with the setup assistant will open

Step 1: Basic Store Information

  1. Now insert the "Domain" (4)

  2. Choose the "Shopware version in use" (5)

  3. Select "live environment" at "Used as:" (6)

  4. Click onto the button "Next Step" (7)

Step 2: Preparing the Domain Verification

  1. Create a TXT file named "sw-domain-hash.txt"

  2. Open the file with a text editor (e.g. Editor or Notepad++)

  3. Just enter the key (Verification Code)

  4. Save and close the TXT file

  5. Rename the extension ".txt" to ".html".

  6. Upload the file "sw-domain-hash.html" to your server into the public folder of your Shopware 6 installation

  7. Now you may call and check the file as follows: YOUR-SHOPDOMAIN/sw-domain-hash.html

  8. When your browser shows a white page with the key, you have done everything correctly

  9. Click onto the button "Next step" (8)

Step 3: Verifying the Domain

  1. Read and confirm the "Terms and conditions" (10)

  2. Now complete the setup "Create new shop" (11)

The shop has successfully been set up in your Shopware Account now.


Further information

Tip: Now link up your Shopware Account with your shop: Linking up the Shopware Account with the shop

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