Performing a ThemeWare® Soft Reset

In rare cases, issues arise because files from Extensions (Plugins, Apps or Themes) have not been completely transferred to the Storefront. In the case of ThemeWare® this can be solved with a "Soft Reset".

Performing a ThemeWare® Soft Reset:

  1. Assign the Shopware default theme to your sales channel:

    1. Navigate via the main navigation to your sales channel ("Sales Channels" => "..." => Tab "Theme")

  2. Deactivate (do not uninstall!) ThemeWare®:

    1. Switch via the main navigation to the "Extension Management" ("Extensions" => "My Extensions")

    2. Switch to the tab "Themes"

  3. Activate ThemeWare® again:

  4. Assign ThemeWare® to your sales channel again:

    1. Switch to tab "Theme"

    2. Now click in the section "Theme assignment" on the button "Change theme"

    3. Select your ThemeWare® theme in the "Select theme" pop-up and click on the "Change theme" button

    4. Click on "Save" at the top so that the theme will be assigned and compiled

  5. Clearing the Shopware cache:

    1. Navigate via the main navigation to the section "Cache & Indexes" ("Settings" => "System")

    2. Click "Clear caches "

  6. Reloading the website and the browser cache:

    • After that, reload the page on which the problem occurred in your web browser with a cache refresh:

      • Windows: CTRL + F5

      • Mac: Command + Shift + R

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