Allowed memory size of ... bytes exhausted


If you find the message "Allowed memory size of ... bytes exhausted" in the PHP error log or in the Shopware log files, the issue is caused by the PHP memory_limit.


The error message "Allowed memory size exhausted" is one of the most common issues in shop or content management systems, especially if you are using a shared hosting service.

This means that the web server limits the amount of memory used by Shopware and the memory provided is not sufficient.


The decisive factor in this error is the PHP memory_limit of your web server.

Shopware recommends a memory_limit of "512 MB or higher". Please increase the memory_limit of your web server to the value recommended by Shopware (or higher).

In case you do not know how to change the value, your hoster will certainly be happy to help you.

Important: Even if your hosting (especially shared hosting) indicates a sufficient memory limit, it is not automatically for sure that you will receive that amount. Contact your hoster or agency to have it checked.

Issue not solved?

If you could not solve the problem, simply start the ThemeWare® Debugging. You can open a support ticket in case you are not able to solve the problem yourself:

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