Branding is shown despite Licence Key


The branding ("Theme by ThemeWare®") is displayed in the Storefront even though you have entered a Licence Key in the theme configuration.

Basic information

If you want to remove the ThemeWare® branding, you can purchase a license from us. If you are interested, the fastest way to contact us is here.


  1. Check once again that you have selected the correct ThemeWare® version for your licence key.

  2. Check whether you have entered the licence key correctly. (Sometimes, for example, spaces are entered before or after the Licence Key.)

  3. Recompile the theme once.

  4. Clear the Shopware and your Browser cache completely.

  5. Check whether you have installed the plugin "Remove or replace copyright" and delete it completely from your shop. The plugin is explicitly intended only for the default Shopware theme.

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