Shopware Compatibility

We always care that ThemeWare® is compatible with the most current Shopware version.

Shopware versioning

  • Major-Release

    • Incompatible API changes are made (= breaking changes)

    • z.B. 6.5 > 6.6

  • Minor-Release

    • Functionality is added in a backward-compatible manner

    • z.B. 6.5.1 > 6.5.2

  • Patch-Release

    • Backward-compatible bug fixes are made

    • z.B. >

Minor-Releases & Patch-Releases

In the case of smaller Shopware version updates, so-called "minor releases" or "bug fixes" (e.g. to, major adjustments are generally not to be expected and ThemeWare® therefore is usually already compatible prior to the Shopware update.


In the case of larger version updates, so-called "major releases" (e.g. 6.4.x to 6.5.0), a compatible ThemeWare® version is usually available prior to the actual Shopware release or on the same day.

Compatibility updates

In the past years we have made the experience that it makes sense to take the time to test an extension (app, plugin or theme) in every Shopware release. We therefore intentionally take our time to install and test ThemeWare® in every Shopware version. We also check the theme update process itself.

Depending on how early we get access to the final release and how extensive the compatibility check is, it can sometimes take a few hours for ThemeWare® to be updated or flagged as compatible. In 99% of all cases, the compatibility was ensured on the same day or even before the Shopware release.

We consider this procedure to be necessary in order to ensure true, proper compatibility and therefore the smoothest possible update.

Special case "Breaking changes"

Due to technical changes in Shopware (e.g. in Shopware or Shopware, there may not be a ThemeWare® version (this applies to all extensions, by the way) which is – at the same time – compatible with both the old and the new Shopware version. In this case, a ThemeWare® update may be slightly delayed, depending on how extensive the necessary customizations are.

Of course, it may happen that there are "breaking changes" in ThemeWare, but that is extremely rarely the case.

Both Shopware and we are trying to avoid "breaking changes" as much as possible, but sometimes unfortunately this is technically unavoidable!

Note: When updating Shopware, be sure to read our article Shopware Updates and ThemeWare®. There you will find all information regarding a smooth Shopware update.

Checking Compatibility

Whether your ThemeWare® Theme is compatible with the latest Shopware version, you may check on the store page of your theme in the Shopware Community-Store.

Shopware's Compatibility Overview has got a "catch".Although you do see that ThemeWare® is generally compatible with different Shopware versions, you do not see which versions it is compatible with.

For example, if you are not using the latest Shopware version, you will see that there is a newer ThemeWare® version available, but it may not necessarily be available for you. It might be as explained above that a newer ThemeWare® version is no longer compatible with older Shopware versions. In this case, the extension management of Shopware 6 deliberately no longer offers you an update. You should never circumvent this manually!

In order to easily view which ThemeWare® version is available for which Shopware version, we have integrated an overview of the Shopware compatibility in our service portal:

Important: Please always use the update option of the extension management and do not install extensions manually to avoid installing an incompatible extension.

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