Updating ThemeWare®

In this tutorial you will learn how to update ThemeWare® for Shopware 6.

  1. Open the administration of your shop

  2. Switch via the main navigation to the "Extension Management"(1) (2) ("Extensions" => "My extensions")

  3. Switch to the tab "Themes" (3)

  4. Find your theme in the list of your extensions

    • Click "Update" (4) or

ThemeWare® has now been updated.

Impotant: To prevent presentation errors caused by an outdated cache, update the storefront once after a theme update: Refreshing the storefront


Good to know 💡

  • Create a backup before every Shopware update.

  • Have you missed any release news? Get informed about past releases.

  • You can also find all the new features in the changelog.

  • Don't forget to give us feedback.

Further information

Tip: It is not always necessary but useful to deactivate ThemeWare® before updating a theme: Deactivating ThemeWare®

Note: If no update is shown in the context menu please have a look at the article ThemeWare® update not available.

Note: If the update does not work as described, please take a look at the article ThemeWare® cannot be updated.

Important: If you want to update Shopware, it is always a good practice to update ThemeWare® before or after the update!

Please have a look at the article Shopware Updates and ThemeWare®.

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