Orphaned configuration fields

With ThemeWare® you benefit from continuous further development. Therefore, from time to time we might remove or replace configuration fields.

Unfortunately, the Shopware update routine does not automatically remove deleted configuration fields.

On our hint (NEXT-14571) Shopware has extended the "Save" button in the theme configuration in Shopware and added a "Clean" function. With this you are able to delete "Orphaned configuration fields".

"The current values are completely re-saved. To be used when fields have been deleted or have changed their type."

"Orphaned configuration fields" occur when a configuration field has been edited and this configuration field is deleted with a theme update.

In this case, your configuration will remain in the database and this configuration will end up as a configuration field in the tab "General".

Typically, this field then has the technical name and not the original label as its name.

Note: How to remove "Orphaned configuration fields" can be found in the tutorial Cleaning up ThemeWare®.


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