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All about ThemeWare® theme duplicates (child themes) in Shopware 6

In this article you will learn everything about ThemeWare® theme duplicates in Shopware 6.

Note: Shopware is currently working on improvements of theme configuration, theme inheritance and duplicates.

We will update this article as soon as changes are available.

What is a ThemeWare® duplicate?

Basically, a theme duplicate is nothing more than another entry in the Shopware 6 Database. This allows you to save an alternative or separate theme configuration (e.g. for additional sales channels).

The theme duplicate inherits when created the current configuration of the base theme or parent theme (often as well called "mother theme"). This is similar to the handling of Variant Articles. More about the configuration you will learn below in this article.

Parent theme vs base theme

In principle, parent theme and base theme mean the same Theme. base theme virtually means the "original" theme you have purchased or rented. In the following, we use the term parent theme to make clear that there is also a theme duplicate of the base theme.

base theme or parent theme + theme duplicate

Note: How to reset the theme configuration, please read our article Resetting ThemeWare®.

Difference to the Shopware 5 theme derivation

Theme derivations in Shopware 5 have, in addition to the entry in the Database for the configuration, also created folders and files on the server, through which then individual customizations could be realized or additional files (e.g. fonts) could be included.

A theme duplicate in Shopware 6 does not (currently) provide you with a folder and files for customization.

Note: How you can still implement template customizations, please find in our article Individual template customizations (Twig, HTML).

Restrictions on theme duplicates

As explained above, individual customizations (e.g. via templates) cannot be realized with duplicates.

Sorting configuration fields

Another limitation is a Shopware bug that affects the sorting of configuration fields in theme duplicates:

Caused by this bug, theme duplicates ignore the vendor-defined order for configuration fields and unfortunately represent them in a "random" order.

Unfortunately, this affects all themes.

Note: In Shopware this bug was fixed by Shopware.

New configuration fields of the base theme are missing in the duplicate.

In addition, there is another Shopware bug in Shopware 6 that causes new configuration fields to not be automatically transferred to duplicates when updating from the Parent Theme.

Unfortunately, this affects all themes.

Tip: How to transfer missing configuration fields to your duplicate, you can read in our article. New configuration fields are missing in a theme duplicate after update.

Note: In Shopware this bug was fixed by Shopware.

Modifications in Shopware

Since Shopware the theme duplicates work much better than before. The issues we reported to Shopware have finally been fixed by Shopware and therefore, there are currently no further restrictions when using theme duplicates.

  • New configuration fields are now included in theme duplicates when updating the Parent Theme.

  • The sorting of the configuration fields now corresponds with the sorting of the Parent Theme.

base theme vs. theme duplicate

Of course you may just go ahead and configure the base theme. At any time you are able to create a duplicate and reset the configuration from the base theme when necessary.

When to create a theme duplicate?

In case you need a separate configuration (e.g. for another sales channel), you should solve this via a theme duplicate. There is no need to purchase/rent another theme for it.

Tip: A theme duplicate can be created at any time later.

Recognizing a ThemeWare® duplicate

Parent Themes cannot be deleted via the Theme Management and therefore have a small lock icon next to their name.

theme duplicates, on the other hand, can be deleted via the Theme Management and therefore do not have this icon:

In addition, there is a note in the theme configuration that this theme is a duplicate of theme XY:

Creating a theme duplicate

How to create a ThemeWare® theme duplicate, you will find in the article:

Creating a ThemeWare® duplicate

Rename theme duplicate

How to rename a ThemeWare® theme duplicate, please read in the article:

Renaming a ThemeWare® duplicate

Configuration of a theme duplicate

Configuration fields in a theme duplicate are grayed out. This means that this configuration field is derived from the base theme and therefore equals the configuration field from it.

You probably know the handling of inherited configuration fields from variant articles.

Remove inheritance

Restore inheritance

Errors and problems

Up to Shopware there are a few restrictions in theme duplicates due to Shopware Bugs. These have at last been fixed with Shopware

Please find out more in the section [#restrictions-on-theme-duplicates].( "mention").

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