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Why does the subscription have to be renewed for purchased extensions?

When buying the purchase version of an extension (plugin or app) in Shopware, you will also receive software updates and manufacturer support for a period of 12 months. This regulation comes from Shopware and is the same for all extensions that can be purchased via the Shopware Store.
If your subscription for an extension has expired, you will no longer receive any updates and the free support provided by the manufacturer will no longer be available.
Because manufacturers do not only deliver new funktions, but often troubleshootings or compatibility ckecks as well, you should always have a valid subscription for all extensions used and keep these extensions up to date. Otherwise, problems may occur in your shop over time.
On the other hand you can benefit from improvements through updates with your subscription.
You can find more information about "Subscriptions" in the Shopware Store and in the Shopware documentation:
Account - Merchant Area - Shops
Shopware documentation: Subscriptions

Additional notes

Note: In case of problems with the licences/subscriptions, please contact Shopware directly, since we as the manufacturer have no influence on this.