Solving errors

We have committed ourselves to providing the best experience for you and your customers with ThemeWare®. As you see from our over 380 evaluations, we care a lot about providing awesome support.

With more than 3,000 customers, we have seen and solved almost every problem countless times. Please trust us, as well as this process and follow the instructions step by step.

More than 95% of all problems are not caused by ThemeWare®. It is very likely that you will be able to solve the problem yourself with the help of this process and you will not have to wait for an answer from our side.

Possible reasons:

  • the problem results from an outdated storefront

  • the problem already exists in the Shopware default theme

  • the problem arises from (an) individual adaptation(s)

  • the problem is caused by (a) third party extension(s)

All this can be checked by our process and if you can't solve the problem yourself, you will automatically open a support ticket during this process. However, it is absolutely necessary to follow the steps exactly. Only this way we will be able to provide our excellent support everyone loves so much.

Please start troubleshooting now under:

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