How can I change or translate a text (e.g. of widgets)?

The theme configuration is not multilingual in Shopware and therefore texts cannot be translated. This is why ThemeWare® uses snippets for translatable texts consequently.

For example

Let's say you want to change the "Lorem ipsum" text in the "About us" widget. Proceed as follows:

  1. Open the administration of your shop

  2. Switch via the main navigation to the "Snippet Managment" (1) ("Settings" => "Shop" => "Snippets")

  3. Select the desired language (2) (e.g. "BASE en-GB")

  4. This is how you get to the snippets overview

  5. Type a part of the text you are looking for into the search field above (3) (e.g. "Lorem ipsum")

  6. Optional: You can select the author "TC-Innovations GmbH" as a filter on the right (4) to limit the range of snippets

  7. The overview now only shows snippets that contain the text you are looking for

  8. Click on the matching snippet (5) (e.g. "twt.widget.about.content")

  9. In the block "Translations" (6) you can find all translations of the corresponding snippet

  10. Change or translate the text

  11. Confirm the change with the button "Save" (7)

The text has been changed. - You can apply this process to all texts in the storefront.

Tip: Do not choose too long search terms.

Note: If you make a change but it has no effect, please clear the Shopware cache: Refreshing the storefront


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