ThemeWare® Demoshops

The ThemeWare® demo shops present all ThemeWare® themes live and in colour.

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In the upcoming article, you can find more information on how to configure the home page of your theme. In this article, we briefly explain the configuration differences between the Demoshops and the default configuration of ThemeWare®.


With ThemeWare® you benefit from extremely regular updates with new features and configurations. To avoid affecting the many ThemeWare® shops of our customers, new features and functions are of course deactivated when they are released. You can therefore decide for yourself whether and if so which new feature you want to use.

However, as we still want to present new features in our Demoshops, the Demoshops will differ slightly from the default configuration of our theme over time. But don't worry, the Demoshops are based entirely on ThemeWare®, you can activate everything we show in the Demoshops yourself with just a few clicks.

Note: Please note that there are, of course, technical differences between the Pro Edition and the Cloud Edition. However, these relate entirely to the topic "CMS elements (Shopping Experiences)". You can find more information here.

You can find all the information about our Demoshops and configuration in the following article. However, we recommend that you complete the introduction first.

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