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We are not only Theme Developers but also Graphic Artists and Designers. Therefore, we are well aware of the importance of the shop logo for the appearance of your shop. That's why our recommendation is to have your logo created by a professional - at least if you don't have a logo yet.

Of course, you may also create a logo yourself, use an online "logo maker" or purchase a logo from a stock provider. Alternatively, there is also the possibility to instruct a logo to be created by relevant freelancer portals or simply to use our logo template.

Maybe none of the points apply to you, because you simply want to continue using your existing logo or have it adapted or customized for your online shop.

No matter which variant you decide on: Please keep in mind that your logo is and will be THE trademark for your shop. It is therefore an essential part of your visual appearance and a key to the recognizability of your shop.

In the following we will provide you with a few tips helping you with your logo design:

  • Don't use too small-areaed or too detailed graphics for your shop logo. These are usually not well suitable for small viewports. Therefore, deposit at least for small logos a less detailed variant.

  • In order to avoid interpolation blurring due to browser scaling of pixel graphics, use a logo in a size as suitable as possible - preferably slightly larger than required. Feel free to orientate yourself using our image templates.

  • Compress a pixel graphic with a free online tool like TinyPNG when necessary.

  • For perfect scalability the best way is to use a vector graphic of your logo.

  • Logos in landscape format are a good choice, as they fit into most viewports to save space in the various headers or header layouts.

  • Avoid unnecessary empty space surrounding the actual graphic. This greatly facilitates the placing and alignment of the logo.

Tip: You are most welcome to take a look at our online course "Graphic Design", which is included in ThemeWare®. The access you get via the ThemeWare Utilities.

Detail Level of Logo:

Unnecessary empty space in the graphic:

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