Unfortunately something went wrong on the product page


The error "Unfortunately, something went wrong." appears on the product page if you use our "ThemeWare® Customizing Plugin".


In this case, the cause is an outdated version of the extension or an outdated customisation.


  1. Please remove the content in the following files:

    1. File "main.scss":

      • Delete everything

      • File location: custom/plugins/TcinnCustomizing/src/Resources/app/storefront/src/scss/

    2. File "headline.html.twig":

      • Delete everything from line 2

      • File location: custom/plugins/TcinnCustomizing/src/Resources/views/storefront/page/product-detail/

  2. Then refresh the storefront once to transfer the changes to the storefront: Refreshing the storefront

Issue not solved?

If you could not solve the problem, simply start the ThemeWare® Debugging. You can open a support ticket in case you are not able to solve the problem yourself:

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