Frequently searched features in ThemeWare®

In this article we explain functions that are often assumed to be in ThemeWare® for Shopware 6 but which are not part of ThemeWare®.


Essential characteristics

The essential characteristics allow you to show product informations (like the price, the manufacturer number, the EAN or the dimensions) in the checkout.

You can find more information about the essential characteristics in the Shopware documentation:

Infinite Scrolling

Infinite scrolling in categories in Shopware 5 is part of Shopware Core. There is currently no such feature in Shopware 6. Take a look at the Shopware Store, perhaps there is already an extension for this.

Payment and shipping method logos

Images or logos for the payment and shipping methods are a core feature of Shopware 6.

You can add your logos via the corresponding payment and shipping methods in the Shopware settings.

  • Shipping methods: "Settings" => "Shop" => "Shipping" => "Edit shipping method" => "Logo" => "Upload file"

  • Payment methods: "Settings" => "Shop" => "Payment" => "Edit payment method" => "Logo" => "Upload file"

Note: Everything you need to know about "Payment and shipping methods" is explained in our introduction in the article Zahlungs- und Versandanbieter Logos.

You can find more information about payment and shipping methods in the Shopware documentation:

Note: In the ThemeWare® Utilities you can find an extensive collection of payment and shipping provider logos in a performant SVG format.

Product description in the listing

We are often asked how to hide the description in the product box with ThemeWare®. In fact this is already a Shopware core feature.

Simply select the type "Minimal content" as "Layout type" in the settings of the corresponding CMS element. This layout doesn't add a description.


The wishlist is not a ThemeWare® feature but a Shopware core feature from Shopware 6.4.0.

You can activate the wishlist via the shopping cart settings ("Settings" => "Shop" => "Cart settings" => "Wishlist" => "Activate wishlist").

You can find more information about this in the Shopware documentation:

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