CMS section

Each CMS layout is made up of one or more CMS sections. This allows many different designs to be implemented with fullwidth and/or boxed sections.

There are currently two types of CMS sections: "Sidebar" and "Full width". In other words, a section with a sidebar and a section without a sidebar.

A CMS section is filled with one or more CMS blocks. Read more about this in the following article.

Add CMS section

Now you can choose between the two available types of CMS sections ("Sidebar" and "Full width").

Section settings


You can give each section a name and assign CSS classes. You can select the sizing mode for each section and set a background colour and a background image. In the "Visibility" section you can define on which device the section should be displayed.

Section in the editor an the Storefront

The representation of CMS sections in the Shopping Experience editor in Shopware 6 differs slightly from the actual representation in the Storefront. A CMS section always extends over the full width (unless you use the ThemeWare® boxed layout) of the Shopping Experience. The content of a section can then be displayed "full width" or "boxed".

Below you can see a comparison of a CMS section in the Shopping Experience editor and in the Storefront.

  1. CMS element (3)

Further information

You can find more information about the Shopping Experience in Shopware 6 in the Shopware documentation:

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