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We sometimes receive questions on the compatibility of ThemeWare® and extension "XY". This questions are most of the time based on "bad" experiences with extensions (apps or plugins) and custom themes at Shopware 5 days. But since Shopware 5, a lot has happened in this regard with Shopware, extension developers and theme creators.

In fact, according to our experience, there have been and still are extremely few problems with extensions and custom themes. If so, the basic function is extremely rarely restricted, mostly it is just a matter of visual "problems" that can be solved easily.

HC-Architecture® of ThemeWare®

Nevertheless, based on our experience (since 2017) as market leader in the field of themes, we have placed special emphasis on maximum compatibility with third-party extensions when redeveloping our themes for Shopware 6. This we achieve thanks to our new HC-Architecture®.

This architecture makes ThemeWare® highly compatible with almost all Shopware extensions (apps or plugins) straight from the foundation. In case of an incompatibility, you will be able to solve it yourself in just a few clicks by simply disabling the respective function section and thus setting it to the Shopware standard.

Extensions and Custom Themes

Unfortunately, some developers(often developers of especially small extensions) are quite inflexible as well as partly uncooperative and develop exclusively for Shopware's default theme (although even Shopware itself offers custom themes).

The ideal thing here would be, of course, a corresponding reference in the store description of the corresponding extension to this serious restriction, but unfortunately this is also not always the case. We definitely advise against such developers when using custom themes.

However, all this is not as big as it seems. There are many developers who prefer to keep their extension compatible with the market leading theme for Shopware 5 and Shopware 6.

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