Installing ThemeWare®

In this tutorial you will learn how to install ThemeWare® for Shopware 6.

  1. Open the administration of your shop

  2. Switch via the main navigation to the "Extension Management" (1) (2) ("Extensions" => "My Extensions")

  3. Switch to the tab "Themes" (3)

  4. ThemeWare® is now being displayed in the overview

  5. Now install the extension via the option "Install". (5)

ThemeWare® has now been installed.

Tip: Activate ThemeWare® next: Activating ThemeWare®


Further information

Note: Your extensions will automatically appear in the extensions management of your shop if you have observed the following points:

  1. Register your store in your Shopware account: Setting up the shop in the Shopware Account

  2. Connect your Shopware account to the shop administration: Linking up the Shopware Account with the shop

  3. Log in with your Shopware account in the administration: Registering the Shopware Account in the administration

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