Assigning ThemeWare®

In this article you will learn how to assign ThemeWare®. This means how you make sure that ThemeWare® is represented in your storefront.

If you create a Sales Channel, you can select different types. And "Storefront" would then be the type that is necessary for the theme to be "delivered".

With the default installation, Shopware usually creates a suitable Sales Channel that is titled with the shop name selected during the installation.

Assigning ThemeWare®

  1. Open the administration of your shop

  2. Switch to tab "Theme" (2)

  3. Now click on the "Change theme" button in the "Theme assignment" section (3)

  4. Select your ThemeWare® theme in the "Select theme" pop-up (4) and click on the "Change theme" button (5)

  5. Click on "Save" at the top so that the theme will be assigned and compiled (6)

ThemeWare® has now been assigned to your storefront.


Further information

If you have further questions or any problems, you can find more information in our detailed tutorial: Activating ThemeWare®

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