Debugging error messages

Debugging error messages in the Shopware 6 administration

When Shopware is running in production mode, usually only general messages like "Theme could not be assigned to sales channel." are being displayed. Based on these general messages, it unfortunately is not possible to identify the cause of the error more precisely.

The first step in case of error messages in the administration is to receive a more detailed error message.

Receiving more detailed error message

To receive a more detailed error message use one or both of the following options:

  • Check your PHP error log for further information.

    • In case you don't know how to change the value, your hoster will certainly be happy to help you.

  • Put Shopware (temporarily) into the debug mode.

Note: The article is part of our guided troubleshooting assistant and explains a specific step in this process.

In order to perform the corresponding steps in the correct order, please use the troubleshooting assistant.

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