Creating a shop page layout

Shop pages such as contact, terms & conditions, imprint, etc. are usually not pre-installed and have therefore to be created first.

For a shop page a corresponding Shopping Experience layout is basically needed. This layout can be created and filled using the Shopping Experience editor:

Creating the layout

  1. Switch to the "Shopping Experiences Management" (1) (2) of your shop via the main navigation ("Content" => "Shopping Experience")

  2. Optional: You may restrict the layouts to this page type via the tab "Shop pages" (3)

  3. Click onto the button "Create new layout" (4)

  4. In the following select which section you want to start with (5)

    • You may choose between a section with sidebar and a section without sidebar

    • The section only serves as a base, in the following you may add and remove sections as you like

  5. At the end of the creation you have to name your layout (6)

  6. Now generate the layout using the button "Create layout" (7)

You now have created an Shopping Experience layout of the type "Shop page". Now fill it with the desired content.

Note: How to make a layout available in the storefront via a navigation you will discover in the tutorial Linking shop pages in the storefront.


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