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    • There you will always find all the relevant links and information about ThemeWare®, the ThemeWare® Video Tutorial, the ThemeWare® Utilities, the ThemeWare® Search, the ThemeWare® Config Finder, forms, useful tools, wizards and much more.

    • You can find the Service Portal here: service.themeware.design/en

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    • In the ThemeWare® Knowledge Base you will find the ThemeWare® Introduction, many guides and tutorials, the ThemeWare® Lexicon, answers to the most frequently asked questions, solutions to the most common issues, professional knowledge for agencies and freelancers and lots of useful information about Shopware 6.

    • You can find the ThemeWare® Knowledge Base here: knowledge.themeware.design

  3. The ThemeWare® Manual

    • In the ThemeWare® Manual you will find information about all the features and functions of ThemeWare®.

    • You can find the ThemeWare® Manual here: docs.themeware.design

The ThemeWare® Knowledge Base

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Note: As we believe that it is better to start with a few missing translations than not to start at all, we have decided to publish our international Knowledge Base "unfinished".

We are already working intensivelyon the completion and translation of all articles and hope that you will be able to deal with Google Translate or DeepL by then.

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Shopware 6

The ThemeWare® Knowledge Base primarily contains articles on ThemeWare® features. There are of course several overlaps with features of Shopware 6.

If you need more information about the features of Shopware 6, we recommend you take a look at the Shopware documentation and the Shopware section.

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